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SEXED VICTORIOUS x Elliots Regency Corrina

  • Elliotts Regency Corrina EX-92-USA
  • Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA
  • Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA @ World Dairy Expo 2015
  • Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA @ World Dairy Expo 2015
  • Maternal sister: Elliotts Torpedo Cyclone EX-90-USA
  • Maternal sister: Elliotts Vitality Cisco EX-92-USA
  • Full brother: Elliotts Regency CASINO @ Select Sires
  • Family Hill Connection Chilli EX-91-USA

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Worldwide Export Available

Sire: River-Valley SEXED VICTORIOUS A2A2 [more info]

#1 grade SEXED VICTORIOUS embryos from the full sister to 14JE00725 CASINO. Corrina was Nominated All-American in 2019 and placed 4th at WDE that same year. She has a VG-88-2YR Nuance daughter with a son going to AI. This cow family combines type and genomics. Bid now and make calves backed by 5 generations of EX females going back to 2x National Grand Champion Cow, Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus EX-97.

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August 7, 2015

Production Records
  • 2-02 2x 305d 16,279lbM 4.4% 717F 3.6% 580P
  • 3-09 2x 305d 21,339lbM 5.6% 1,202F 3.5% 739P
  • 4-09 2x 365d 30,869lbM 4.6% 1,418F 3.4% 1,045P
  • Nominated ABA All-American 4-Yr Old 2019 | Full sister to CASINO @ Select Sires
  • 4th 4-Yr Old Jersey Show World Dairy Expo 2019
  • 2nd Junior 3-Yr Old New York Spring Jersey Show 2019
  • Maternal sister to: Elliotts Vitality Cisco EX-92-USA - 2nd Milking Yearling WDE 2018
  • Maternal sister to: Elliotts Fizz Charade EX-91-USA - H.M. Int. Champ. Western National '20
  • Direct from 4 gen. EX-dams going back to Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus EX-97 - 2x National Champ.


  • TJF Visionary REGENCY
  • Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA
  • 2-11 2x 305d 21,669lbM 5.4% 1,179F 3.8% 820P
  • 4-01 2x 305d 21,171lbM 5.6% 1,186F 3.9% 825P
  • ABA All-American Produce of Dam 2018, ABA All-American Junior 3-Yr Old 2015
  • 1st Jr. 3-Yr Old, Reserve Intermediate & H.M. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2015
  • First nine classified daughters scored VG-85 to EX-92 in the United States
  • Maternal sister to: Chilli Nitro Cabo EX-93-USA - Res. Int. Champ. All-American Show '17
  • Hawarden Impuls PREMIER
  • Family Hill Connection Chilli EX-91-USA
  • 3-04 2x 365d 27,470lbM 6.2% 1,722F 4.0% 1,038P
  • Nom. ABA All-American Senior 2-Yr Old 2007
  • Dam to: Chilli Action COLTON @ Select Sires
  • Giprat Belle's CONNECTION
  • Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus EX-97-USA - 2x National Grand Champion

Next Dams

  • 4th Family Hill Brook Citrus EX-91-USA