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IVF SEXED ARMANI RC x Stranshome Simply-Red

  • Stranshome Simply-Red EX-92 EX-MS
  • Stranshome Simply-Red EX-92 EX-MS
  • Quality-Ridge Ruben Sandy *RC EX-94 2E

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Eligible for U.S. shipment and export to Canada and the EU

Sire: Mr Apples ARMANI *RC [more info]
Dam: Stranshome Simply-Red

#1 grade IVF Sexed Armani RC embryos from the show-winning EX-92 Contender Simply-Red. Simply is due back in March and was Nominated All-American Red & White Four-Year-Old 2016!

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Stranshome Simply-Red EX-92 EX-MS

Reg No.



September 1, 2011

Production Records
  • 2-07 2x 342d 25,111lbM 3.7% 924F 3.5% 875P
  • Reserve Grand Champion, Midwest Spring R&W 2016
  • 1st 4-Year-Old, Midwest Spring R&W 2016
  • 10th Fall Yrlg, Grand International R&W Show 2013
  • Junior Champion, Minnesota State Fair R&W 2013
  • Nominated All-American Junior Best 3 Females 2012
  • 8th Fall Calf, Grand International R&W Show 2012


  • Patience Sholine Contender-Red
  • Quality-Ridge Ruben Sandy *RC EX-94 EX-MS 2E
  • 5-08 2x 345d 33,669lbM 3.7% 1,252F 3.1% 1,045P
  • 3-02 2x 365d 26,471lbM 3.5% 935F 3.3% 875P
  • 2-00 2x 305d 19,141lbM 3.6% 686F 3.1% 591P
  • Quality-Ridge Stone Sally VG-88 EX-MS
  • 5-02 2x 305d 20,170lbM 3.6% 728F 3.2% 642P
  • Richesse Stoneham-ET
  • Quality-Ridge D-Play Sylvia EX-90
  • 4-03 2x 305d 21,689lbM 3.6% 774F 3.2% 697P

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