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SEXED MAGICTOUCH x Joel Beaver Ray Jedi Ampha

  • Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92 EX-MS
  • Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92 EX-MS
  • Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92 EX-MS
  • MD-Delight Durham Atlee-ET EX-92 DOM
  • Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry VG-88 EX-MS DOM
  • Ms Ariel Freddie Anna-ET

Located in: Canada

Can be shipped to: Worldwide Export Available

Sire: S-S-I MODESTY SEXED MAGICTOUCH GTPI+2813 +2.56PTAT +2.52UDC +2.71FLC [more info]
Dam: Joel Beaver Ray Jedi Ampha GTPI+2558 +2286M +62F +72P

SEXED MAGICTOUCH (GTPI+2813 +2.56PTAT +2.52UDC +2.71FLC).. Selling are 5 #1 grade embryos out of a Jedi daughter that scores a GTPI+2558 +2286lbs of milk +62lbs of fat and +72lbs of protein. Huge offering that goes back to the Atlees! 

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Joel Beaver Ray Jedi Ampha

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July 9, 2016

Genomic Results


  • S-S-I Montross JEDI-ET
  • Liberty-Gen Meridian Amphibian VG-85-2YR-CAN
  • 2-00 2x 365d 23,642lbM 3.7% 866F 3.3% 774P
  • Sully Hart MERIDIAN-ET
  • 2-02 2x 365d 19,070lbM 4.8% 924F 3.5% 666P
  • 3-10 2x 365d 26,169lbM 4.4% 1,151F 3.4% 399P
  • Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92-USA 4yr.
  • 2-00 2x 365d 28,329lbM 4.2% 1,186F 3.3% 935P
  • Res. All-American Jr. 2-Yr. Old 2009
  • Full sister to Atwood, Golden Dreams, Amazing & Delete
  • Maternal sister to Aftershock

Next Dams

  • 4th MD-Delight Durham Atlee-ET EX-92-USA DOM
  • 5th MD-Delight Strm Amberlee VG-88-USA 3yr. DOM
  • 6th MS Kingstead Chief Adeen-ET EX-94-USA 2E DOM
  • 7th Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94-USA 2E DOM 4*
  • 8th Aitkenbrae Sheik Arlene GP-80-2YR-CAN
  • 9th Aitkenbrae Ned Ada VG-86-USA
  • 10th Aitkenbrae President Olla Ana GP-84-USA