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SEXED PIZAZZ x Jemar-LLC Jedi Calico

  • Larcrest Chenoa VG-87 DOM
  • Larcrest Crimson EX-92 GMD DOM
  • Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 GMD DOM

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Worldwide Export Available

Sire: S-S-I MODESTY SEXED PIZAZZ GTPI+2859 +2.36PTAT +2.50UDC +948NM$ +1748M [more info]
Dam: JEMAR-LLC JEDI CALICO GTPI+2658 +2.57PTAT +762NM$ +1676M

Five #1 SEXED PIZAZZ (GTPI+2859 +2.36PTAT +2.50UDC +948NM$ +1748M) embryos selling out of a Jedi daughter that scores a GTPI+2658 +2.57PTAT +762NM$ +1676lbs of milk... Backed by the tremendous Cosmopolitans! 

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June 8, 2016

Genomic Results
  • US 12/17 GTPI +2658 / NM $ 762 / PTAT +2.57 [Details]


  • S-S-I Montross Jedi
  • 2-01 2x 211d 15,419lbM 4.0% 615F 3.2% 481P inc.
  • Genervations Liquid Gold
  • Larcrest Chenoa-ETS VG-87-2YR VG-MS DOM
  • 2-04 2x 365d 35,931lbM 4.1% 1,486F 3.2% 1,259P
  • Dam to Vekis Chevrolet and Fanatic
  • Robust daughter sold for $90,000
  • Maternal sister to Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA, granddam to DG CHARLEY
  • Maternal sister is dam to Commander at ABS
  • Ensenada Taboo PLANET
  • Larcrest Crimson EX-94 96-MS GMD DOM
  • 2-02 2x 365d 36,061lbM 4.7% 1,711F 3.7% 1,351P
  • 5-02 2x 365d 46,390lbM 5.3% 2,447F 3.7% 1,709P
  • 6-10 2x 305d 33,971lbM 4.3% 1,446F 3.7% 6,323P
  • The one and only Larcrest CRIMSON
  • Granddam of Commander, Chevrolet, Fanatic and more!

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