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SEXED ALTAMONTOYA x Peak Marq Shero T295

  • Sully Planet Manitoba GP-83 DOM
  • Sully Shottle May EX-90 DOM

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Worldwide Export Available

Sire: Peak SEXED Altamontoya GTPI+2864 +960NM$ +2089M +105F [more info]
Dam: PEAK MARQ SHERO T295 GTPI+2715 +909NM$

HUGE OFFERING... SEXED ALTAMONTOYA (GTPI+2864 +960NM$ +2089M +105F) embryos selling out of a Superhero daughter that scores a GTPI+2715 and +909NM$... Backed by Sully Shottle May EX-90 DOM! 

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November 27, 2016

Genomic Results
  • US 04/18 GTPI +2660 / NM $ 847 / PTAT +1.66 [Details]


  • Bryhill Ransom Marquisse-ET GP-83-2YR DOM
  • 2-02 2x 365d 27,990lbM 4.6% 1,279F 3.6% 994P
  • Several sons in AI
  • Sully Robust 720-ET GP-83-CAN VG-MS 2YR *1
  • 2-01 365d 33,360lbM 4.0% 1,325F 3.4% 1,140P
  • Maternal sister to MERIDIAN
  • Roylane Socra ROBUST
  • Sully Planet Manitoba-ET VG-85-CAN DOM
  • 2-03 365d 33,290lbM 3.9% 1,305F 3.3% 1,105P
  • 4-01 365d 43,669lbM 3.6% 1,565F 3.2% 1,402P
  • Dam of Munition and Meridian
  • Fantastic Brood Cow

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