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IVF SEXED PIZAZZ x Plain-Knoll Josuper 794

  • Plain-Knoll Josuper 794 GP-81
  • Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah VG-88
  • Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah VG-88
  • Lynmead Celsuis Minnow EX-91
  • Roylane Socra Mira 1760 EX-91 DOM
  • Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror VG-86 DOM

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Eligible for U.S. shipment and export to Canada and the EU

Sire: S-S-I MODESTY SEXED PIZAZZ GTPI+2760 +2.44PTAT +2.57UDC [more info]
Dam: PLAIN-KNOLL JOSUPER 794 GTPI+2805 +944NM$ +2476M

Selling are five #1 grade IVF SEXED PIZAZZ (GTPI+2760 +2.44PTAT +2.57UDC) embryos out of a +2805G Josuper and +944NM$! She's out of a VG-88 DOM Mogul x EX-91-2E Socrates x VG-86 DOM Oman! 

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Plain-Knoll Josuper 794 GP-81-USA 2yr.

Reg No.



July 25, 2015

Production Records
  • 2.00 224d 19,323lbM 4.0% 774F 3.4% 657P
GP-81-USA 2yr.
Genomic Results
  • US 12/18 GTPI +2787 / NM $ 932 / PTAT +2.30 [Details]
  • HUGE production heifer!
  • High Feed Efficiency!


  • Uecker Supersire JOSUPER
  • 2-01 3x 365d 36,994lbM 3.2% 1,228F 3.5% 1,287P
  • Mountfield SSI DCY MOGUL-ET
  • Roylane Socra Mira 1760-ET EX-91 DOM
  • 2-04 3x 365d 32,959lbM 3.5% 1,168F 3.2% 1,047P
  • 3-11 3x 365d 44,443lbM 4.0% 1,832F 3.3% 1,385P
  • Velvet-View-KJ SOCRATES-ET
  • Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror-ET VG-86 DOM
  • 1-11 2x 340d 26,850lbM 4.2% 1,230F 3.5% 1,025P
  • 3-00 2x 365d 36,431lbM 4.4% 1,605F 3.6% 1,303P

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