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IVF SEXED SOLOMON x Regancrest Chanel

  • Regancrest Chanel EX-92 EX-MS
  • Midas-Touch Solomon Cher
  • Regancrest Cinderella EX-92 2E GMD DOM
  • Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET EX-92 GMD DOM
  • Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 GMD DOM

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Eligible for U.S. shipment and export to Canada and the EU

Sire: Walnutlawn SEXED SOLOMON +3.71PTAT +2.59UDC [more info]

#1 grade IVF SEXED SOLOMON (+3.71PTAT +2.59UDC) embryos from the EX-92 Goldwyn daughter x EX-92 DOM Cinderella x BARBIE! Chanel's Solomon daughter was 2nd Spring Calf WDE '17 and Reserve All-American '17... FULL SISTER to these embryos! 

A maternal sister to these embryos was just 1st Fall Heifer Calf and Junior Champion at Harrisburg and placed 2nd in the Fall Heifer Calf class in the 2019 International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo!

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February 19, 2010

Production Records
  • 3-04 2x 365d 24,381lbM 4.2% 1,019F 3.7% 895P
  • 4-11 2x 365d 30,221lbM 4.2% 1,261F 3.3% 1,012P
  • Maternal sister to CHASSITY
  • Granddaughter of BARBIE
  • Calves on the ground by Avalanche, Doorman, Solomon, Awesome-Red and Dempsey
  • Solomon daughter was 2nd Spring Calf WDE '17 and Reserve All-American '17


  • Braedale GOLDWYN
  • Regancrest Cinderella EX-92 GMD DOM
  • 2-05 2x 365d 32,300lbM 4.4% 1,437F 3.2% 1,030P
  • 5-00 2x 365d 34,220lbM 4.1% 1,418F 3.1% 1,074P
  • Calbrett-I HH CHAMPION
  • Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM
  • 2-06 365d 31,689lbM 3.9% 1,237F 3.3% 1,049P
  • The one and only Barbie!
  • HM All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old Cow 2004
  • Foundation cow behind Braxton, Brokaw, Gold Chip, Capital Gain and more
  • Regancrest Elton DURHAM
  • Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92-USA GMD
  • 2.06 365d 30,091lbM 3.5% 1,056F 3.1% 937P
  • 4.04 365d 40,640lbM 3.6% 1,477F 3.0% 1,217P
  • Full sister to Regancrest Juror Bond

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