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  • MJJ Mertin 859

Located in: United States of America

Can be shipped to: Worldwide Export Available

Sire: Impression +2614M +49F +53P
Dam: MJJ Mertin 859 +5.8DPR +1951M +117F

Selling 4 #1 grade IMPRESSION (+2614M +49F+53P) embryos from the PUREBRED FLECKVIEH donor MJJ Mertin 859! Backed by MJJ Winnipeg 77 from a direct line of German genetics. This donor scores an extremely impressive 5.8DPR and +1951Milk. She is projected to hit a lifetime production of 100,000lbs in her 5th lactation. Some of the USA's top Purebred Fleckvieh genetics! Would be a great addition to any herd.

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MJJ Mertin 859

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October 10, 2012

Production Records
  • 2-01 2x 285d 16,259lbM 4.51% 531F 3.6% 593P
  • 3-00 2x 299d 17,527lbM 4.33% 758F 4.5% 659P
  • 4-01 2x 365d 29,720lbM 4.58% 1,362F 3.6% 1,085P
  • Purebred Milking Fleckvieh
  • From line of German Fleckvieh Genetics
  • +1951M 117F 43P
  • 5.8DPR!


  • Impression
  • MJJ Winnipeg 77-ET
  • 2-06 2x 365d 25,569lbM 3.67% 937F 3.8% 961P
  • 4-03 2x 365d 30,885lbM 3.34% 1,032F 3.3% 1,027P
  • 6-00 2x 365d 28,563lbM 3.84% 1,098F 3.3% 944P
  • Life:1367d 91,495lbM 3.57% 3,267F 3.4% 3,114P

Impression is known for increasing fat and protein percentages while having great udder composites. Additionally, he has proven to have great calving ease.

Coming from an already tremendous paternal line, these embryos are also backed by the high producing Winnipeg daughter direct from German genetics. Proven in the parlor and in the donor pen, 77 has become known as one of the best Purebred USA females!